Narracja w kontekście pozyskiwania danych urzędowych

  1. Mateusz Gałkowski



Narration in the context of acquiring official data

The use of narration in social research is a common phenomenon, however it’s not always considered in a process of collecting official data. Economic reasons are frequent cause of such situation. Acting within specified policy, departments are focused on gathering raw, synthetic data and convenient quantitative analysis despite all limitations resulting from such approach. The following text presents benefits deriving from the use of narrative data in a decision-making process of City Council (during social housing allocation). The primary objective of this text is to show two aspects that give an advantage to narrative method: multidimensionality of narrative data in contrast to reduced information in quantitative data and higher sensitivity of narrative method to dynamic social situation of respondents.


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Forum Socjologiczne

7, 2016

Pages from 31 to 40

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