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Nieheteronormatywność i kultura psychoterapii

  1. Robert Florkowski


Nonheteronormativity and culture of psychotherapy

Culture has a paramount impact on every aspect of psychotherapy, its conceptualizations, clas­sifications, diagnostic procedures, use of psychometric tools, implementation of therapeutic ap­proaches and outcome expectations. Cultural changes evoke psychotherapeutic permutations, they may be subtle but at times shifts are radical.  Nonheteronormativity serves as an interesting example of struggles between forces of sexual liberation and social control. This article objective is to present selected aspects, dynamics of changes as well as relatively stable tendencies regarding capricious re­lations between homosexuality and psychotherapy, which could be perceived as vehicle of self-real­ization and/or agency of control.

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Forum Socjologiczne

8, 2017

Strony od 227 do 249

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