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Ukryta strona fandomu – rzadkie i nienormatywne motywy seksualne w sztuce i literaturze fanowskiej

  1. Jan Bajor


The hidden side of the fandom — rare and nonnormative sexual themes in the fan-created art and literature

For a few decades now amateur erotic art and literature is present on large scale in many fan communities, showing great diversity in forms of expression and subjects. Significant portion of them includes rare or nonnormative sexual themes. The goal of this article is to pinpoint main caus­es of this exceptional popularity of such themes in online fandom. Doing this, I will focus on two aspects of the problem: general characteristics of fandoms as internet communities and the specifi­city of the media fan culture, as it developed during half a decade of its existence.

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Forum Socjologiczne

8, 2017

Strony od 37 do 50

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