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Leopold Tyrmand. Dziennik pisarza: autokreacja i powieść

  1. Hanna Jaxa-Rożen


Leopold Tyrmand. Writer’s notebook: self-creation and the novel

The paper “Leopold Tyrmand. Writer’s notebook: self-creation and the novel” presents a color­ful character in the landscape of post-war, communist Poland. The analysis focuses on “Diary 1954” and is conveyed using both current research and the critics’ reviews of the author’s contemporar­ies. The literary features exposed in this paper consist of self-creation, using members of the art­istic community of that time as characters as well as the motif of an erotic relationship. Leopold Tyrmand consciously creates his own story; his diary becomes a novel, while his life story of his life is gaining literary shape.

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Forum Socjologiczne

7, 2016

Strony od 199 do 209

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