Relacja między czynnościami i dążnościami ludzkimi a wartościami według Floriana Znanieckiego, czyli jak badać teksty kultury

  1. Berenika Dyczek



How to study the culture texts according to Znaniecki. Relation between creative activities and creative tendencies and values

The aim of this article is to consider that consideration of artistic creation as an action consider-ing some special aspects of human activity. This activity is suitable for analysis using the notion of creative activities and creative tendencies and its relation to values. The process of writing is unbreakable connection between the thought and the action. The mystery of creative process is defined as non psychological but related to the mechanisms of social systems. To illustrate this we chose Gombrowicz diaries as an example on account because of their formal and inventive improvements.


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Forum Socjologiczne

7, 2016

Pages from 187 to 197

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