Lektura kulturoznawcza „Peregrynacji po Europie” Jakuba Sobieskiego

  1. Łukasz Rozwadowski ORCiD: 0000-0002-5721-9324



Cultural reading of Jakub Sobieski’s Peregrynacja po Europie

The article is an attempt of reading Jakub Sobieski’s Peregrynacja po Europie in cultural ap­proach. The paper is focused on the moments in which the author valuates things he experiences during his travel. It presents modes of Sobieski’s reference to the God, the human and the world and it shows modes in which particular types of values were realized. Typology of values were taken from Max Scheler’s axiology.


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Forum Socjologiczne

7, 2016

Pages from 155 to 168

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