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Wybrane psychologiczne metody jakościowe stosowane w badaniach nad tekstem pisanym

  1. Magdalena Żurko


Selected psychological qualitative methods used for research into written text

This article presents selected methods of written text analysis and interpretation using interpretative approach. This approach aims at discovering senses, i.e. personal attitudes (experiences). The work starts with classic theory of life-span development by Ch. Buhler and moves on to present contemporary research, published since 2005, including psychological interpretation of B. Cohler’s diaries from the ghetto, as well as studies in the area of narrative identity. The article includes an example of extensive analysis and interpretation of a diary, inspired by D. McAdams’ method of Life Stories. Presented theoretical and practical proposals constitute a pragmatic contribution to interdisciplinary discussion on methods of using private documents as research material.

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Forum Socjologiczne

7, 2016

Strony od 85 do 100

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