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Media i nośniki pamięci zbiorowej w praktykach wcielania i zapisu

  1. Marta Wójcicka


Media and collective memory carriers in incorporating and recording practices

The article is devoted to issues connected with carriers and media of collective memory. The starting point is a semiotic and functional approach to definitional issues of media and memory carriers. From this perspective memory carrier are macro signs and such cultural texts (material, ideal or event-driven) which carry information about the image of past of a particular social group being the author or depositary of memory retained in a given text. Thus carrier is a sign which consists of material substratum of sign (i.e. sign-means, material) and an object represented by sign (contents, ideas, values etc.), while memory media are means producing signs which might also consist of their components. In the following part the author presents the body as a medium of collective memory and the role of incorporation practices in conveying collective memory as well as writing as a medium of collective memory and memory practices of recording. In the conclusion media, carriers and practices have been shown in three kinds of collective memory: communicative, cultural and intercultural.

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Forum Socjologiczne

6, 2015

Strony od 299 do 315

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