Pęknięcie wewnątrz cywilizacji? (Dez)integracja transatlantycka

  1. Piotr Pieńkowski ORCiD: 0000-0002-1719-330Xpiotr.pienkowski@uwr.edu.pl


A split inside civilisation? Transatlantic (dis)integration

The main aim of this article is to describe the process of a potential split of the West into two separate subcivilisations: European and American. First, I define what the main categories of the sociology of civilisations are: the West, integration and disintegration, S.P. Huntington’s theory of the clash of civilisations and P. Kłodkowski’s theory of the split of civilisations. Then I characterise what the Transatlantic Relations are. I focus on the history of these relations and I describe contemporary dimensions that differentiate Europe and America. Finally, I examine potential scenarios for the future.

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Forum Socjologiczne

5, 2014

Pages from 285 to 295

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