Cywilizacja europejska i Rosja — konfrontacje i perspektywy dialogiczne. Zarys myśli filozoficznej Iwana Kiriejewskiego

  1. Marek Jedliński


European civilization and Russia — confrontations and dialogical prospects. An outline of the philosophical thought of Ivan Kireevsky

The article discusses the philosophical thought of Ivan Kireevsky — co-author of 19th-century Russian Slavophilia. Th is Slavophile theoretician criticized heavily the European civilization for its rationalism, individualism and capitalism by confronting it with the Russian civilization which was built — as he tried to convince others — upon the highest values. Nevertheless, Kireevksy postulated rather a dialogical approach, i.e. Russian participation in the development of Western civilization. Russia, on the other hand, was supposed to adopt the fruits of the Europe’s intellectual heyday, some elements of its technological progress, and simultaneously enrich the European world with spiritual values giving a higher meaning to human practical activities.

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Forum Socjologiczne

5, 2014

Pages from 123 to 136

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