Motywacje do bycia konsumentem rynku edukacji sportowej. Przypadek wrocławskich sportowych szkół podstawowych

  1. Anna Iwaszyn


Motivation for being a consumer of sports education market. The case of primary sports schools in Wrocław

The 21st century is the time of beauty, youth and physical activity, which becomes the major element of a lifestyle. Everyone at every age uses sport and recreation to maintain well being, good health and to keep fit. Being fit assures the ability to maintain the pace of life in the modern world. From this point of view, it became important to socialize and educate children and youth in such a way so that they would be able not only to cope with labour market, gathering goods and knowledge, but to spend time actively. This was one of the reasons why sports schools were established. Their major purpose is to form habits of spending time actively, practising sports and leading a healthy lifestyle through life. In my research I tried to find out what the motivation for being a consumer of sports education system is both from the parent’s as well as the children’s perspective. The purpose of this paper is to present the characteristics of sport education market in Wroclaw at the primary school level and the motivation of pupils and their parents to be members of this market. In my research I took into consideration three schools: Sportowa Szkoła Podstawowa nr 46 im. Polskich Olimpijczyków, Sportowa Szkoła Podstawowa nr 72 im. Władka Zarembowicza and Szermiercza Sportowa Szkoła Podstawowa nr 85. Overall 12 units of sports classes were analysed. On the basis of my research (based on questionnaires) directed to pupils of these classes and their parents, I conducted a quantitative analysis, which allowed me to draw the presented conclusions.

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Forum Socjologiczne

4, 2013

Pages from 227 to 244

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