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Mniej konsumpcji, więcej efektywności? Słów kilka o wpływie idei zrównoważonego rozwoju transportu na model konsumowania samochodów w Polsce

  1. Dawid Krysiński


Less consumption, more efectiveness? Impact of the transport sustainability idea on the ways of using cars in Poland

The aim of this paper is to show a role of a car in the life of Polish society. The text describes previous quantitative, west-European methods of the analysis which are used by Polish scientists to determine if the car could be replaced by other means of transport. The author argues that the analyses are insufficient because of the differences between Polish and European contexts. Therefore, the article includes alternative scenarios for the future showing various meanings of the car in Poland. In this light, the car is seen as an integral element of the modern and postmodern life of Poles. Its role is also seen as stable and multifaceted, similar rather to the American society than to the West European nations.

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Forum Socjologiczne

4, 2013

Strony od 181 do 205

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