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Socjotechniki marki w kontekście teorii kultury konsumenckiej i kontestujących ją ruchów społecznych

  1. Aneta Duda


Branding in the theory of consumer culture and counterculture context

The article seeks to continue the discussion and debate on the consumer culture from the perspective of branding. Consumer culture, branding are not neutral notions, but ones heavily influenced by ideology. The article uses a diachronic perspective to question the validity of critique of consumer culture and the role of brands. According to Douglas B. Holt, Eric Arnould, Craig Thompson and Mike Featherstone, it describes four updated branding sociotechniques: brand as social agenda, medium of self-experience, authentic sociocultural experience and brands in symbiotic relationship with their dissenters. The author suggests that contemporary contradictions and resistance to brand or capitalism will give rise to a new branding paradigm and that brands, marketing and anticonsumption ideology may be engaged in progressive, united social action.

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Forum Socjologiczne

4, 2013

Strony od 133 do 153

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