Dekonsumpcja — racjonalny wybór czy ekonomiczny przymus?

  1. Wanda Patrzałek


Deconsumption — rational choice or economic pressure?

In the article the mechanisms of rational consumer choices are shown from the point of view of inefficiency of markets described from the perspective of classical, behavioral and crisis economics. The paper concerns the main processes of deconsumption phenomenon as one of the modern trends in consumer behaviors. In particular, the causes of deconsumption have been evaluated in an attempt to explain the mechanisms governing these behaviours in terms of the economic condition of a household as well as limitations resulting from economic pressure and conscious limitations determined by the will to rationalize consumption for ecologic reasons: healthy diet, pro-ecological behaviours or changes in purchasing behaviours depending on the quality and not the quantity of goods purchased. The exemplification for these considerations is author’s own research in which deconsumption behaviours of respondents were evaluated, which are determined by the situation of economic pressure resulting from the level of debt, the will to rationalize consumption for ecological reasons or choosing quality products or services.

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Forum Socjologiczne

4, 2013

Pages from 15 to 29

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