Czasopisma Naukowe w Sieci (CNS)

O smutnym losie socjologii. Czy dyscyplinie naukowej jest potrzebna tożsamość?

  1. Ewa Banaszak


About the sad fate of sociology. Does scientific discipline need identity?

This article does not present all the symptoms used by sociologists to describe and diagnose their discipline. Its goal is to indicate the existence of such disputable issue as an identity of sociology. The afterthought of the discussion about identity of this specific discipline indicates that it is a valuable matter for sociologists. It is desirable and it is treated as a key issue for the future progress of this scientific domain. Some see it as a solution to all the troubles faced by sociology and sociologists. One may rise a question: what causes difficulties in the creation of synthetic picture of sociology? Is it something immanent for this discipline? Why is this process so frustrating and why do its results appear to be poor? Why can one suggest that sociology faces a crisis? The author considers two hypotheses possibly clarifying these concerns. Firstly, reflectiveness based on scientific rationality does not support — or does in a very weak manner — the (re)construction of identity. It can even paralyze such exploration under certain circumstances. Secondly, sociology holds multiple identities. These identities could not be examined by means of traditional deliberations relying on questioning of the “paradigm” or by characterizing the process of institutionalization, but through such dimensions like consciousness, for which the key category constitutes giving sense to various forms of social practice.

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Forum Socjologiczne

3, 2012

Strony od 31 do 45

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