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Europejskość młodych Polaków — „świat przedstawiony” w pamiętnikach młodzieży

  1. Wojciech Doliński


The Europeanness of young Poles: The representation of experience world’ in the memoirs of the youth

The article entitled „The Europeanness of Young Poles: the ‚representation of experience world’ in the Memoirs of the Youth” is based on the analysis of two memoirs of young people written for the sake of the memoirs’ contest „Poles in Europe — Europe among Poles. In Search for Own Roots” organised in 2005. Th e research made heuristic use of „phenomenological maps of consciousness” based on a modified technique of „concept maps”. The contest was basis for „scientific work funded from the resources for science in 2006/2007” as the research project „European identity in the biographies of Poles. A sociological outline” (head of the project: Professor Zbigniew Kurcz). Considering the „’representation of experience world” in memoirs as a relatively consistent entity, the article presents a sample of views/experiences of the young people who could, in other type of research, declare a kind of Polish sense of being European. „The world of memoirs” presents a specific way of writing (thinking?) which makes it possible to explore the important role of the historical and national processes of socialization performed in numerous dimensions of life (everyday, social, educational, political) and especially in its media dimension.

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Forum Socjologiczne

2, 2011

Strony od 257 do 276

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