Dylematy tożsamościowe młodzieży w sytuacji zmiany kulturowej — kryzys tożsamości?

  1. Sylwia Domagalska


Dilemmas of young people’s identification in situation of cultural change— crisis of identity?

Postmodern,ambiguous and ambivalent socio-cultural reality is infl uenced by the constant
fluctuations, leading to the radical social change expressing in the continual self-creation (1). Pernament,extensive and expansive social change can be tried to describe partly to understending and systematically explaining by the perception of these changes at the level at which young people shape their references updating knowlege about thenselves, about the world, looking for images which have an impact on their self-definition as a social entity.The crisis of identity is a characteristic phenomenon for the entering adult life to young people who, firstly questioning its current identity characteristic of childhood, on the other hand, deny the present world of adults, showing a tendency to seek new sources of meaning of its existence, and what is more, the youth is faced with the requirement of living in an ambivalent,ambiguous and over again constituting the reality of the consumer. Changes in the subjective aspects of individual self-determination are depended on the characteristics of the development phase, in which there is the subject and it is determined by the quality of the socio-cultural reality.

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Forum Socjologiczne

2, 2011

Pages from 241 to 255

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