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Edukacja i kapitał społeczny — przyczynek do badań związków funkcjonowania miasta i szkoły

  1. Piotr Mikiewicz


Social capital and education — an attempt to examination of relation between the city and school

The paper presents an attempt to formulate several questions about functioning of education in a big city social environment. The starting point is an assumption that school is a multidimensional phenomenon — as a unique social entity which particular school is, and as an element of the social structure responsible for social reproduction, training, selection and allocation of individuals. To understand the nature of school work it is necessary to analyse it from macro-, micro- and mezostructural perspective of local community within which school operates. As a good theoretical tool to understand the interrelation between school and the community, the concept of social capital is presented with special attention to its two major representatives — theory of Pierre Bourdieu and of James Coleman. The paper concludes with the research design with usage of social capital concept, which is going to be undertaken in Wroclaw city.

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Forum Socjologiczne

2, 2011

Strony od 73 do 88

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