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Janusowe oblicze polskiej transformacji. „Dryfowanie” państwa

  1. Tadeusz Popławski


„The Janus Image” of the Polish transformation. An Essay about the Role of State


This paper focuses on the problem of withdrawal of the post-communist state from social responsibilities to its citizens. The author critically examines purely liberal project of socio-economic development conducted to „drift” of post-communist transformational state. He resumes that the state is trying to assign social functions and social problems to self-governments, without assuring financial resources to fulfill those tasks. In the period of the global crisis, the practice of „drifting” state affects the most post-communist and transformational societies intensifying its implications particularly in the worse developed regions. Therefore, its inhabitants had to get accustomed, how to live in the framework of family solidarity and individual solutions of life problems as a substitute for obligations of the state.


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Forum Socjologiczne

1, 2010

Strony od 135 do 142

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