Decyzje konsumenckie w dobie rewolucji cyfrowej i sztucznej inteligencji — przegląd trendów

  1. Artur Modliński ORCiD: 0000-0002-5734-7975



Consumer decisions in the era of digital revolution and artificial intelligence: A review of trends 


In the era of digital revolution, customers gained access to almost unlimited sources of information about products and services. The article presents selected trends influencing the shape of purchasing decisions and their impact on customer empowerment: mobile applications, chat­bots, forums and social media, as well as artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. The au­thor points out both the positive and the negative impact of technological trends on consumer decisions: decrease of trust in companies, overload of information and problems with their verification, too high level of automation. The basic conclusion coming from the analysis is that de­spite the advent of numerous technological innovations, consumers are closing themselves in fil­tering bubbles, losing chances of new experiences, as well as confidence in subsequent information sources, which has negative impact on their relationship with both companies and other customers. 


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Forum Socjologiczne

9, 2018

Pages from 181 to 189

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