Społeczne wzory konsumpcji a orientacje aksjologiczne pracowników wrocławskiego sektora kultury i produkcji gier wideo w świetle badań własnych

  1. Szymon Pilch ORCiD: 0000-0002-4595-5455



Social consumption patterns and the axiological system of Wroclaw’s producers of culture and video games: The context of empirical research 


The discussion regarding the research on social values remains valid ever since the beginning of sociology as a science. Although the category itself has a flawed analytical nature, it is still regarded as one of the most effective tools in empirical research. The aim of the article is to focus on the re­lation binding together the structural placement of the workers employed in the culture and video game economy; the foundation of the worker’s axiological system and the social consumption pat­terns followed by the producers. During the research, three social patterns have been discovered: the “intellectual” pattern manifested by the cultural workers, the “practical” one displayed by the game developers, and a mix of the aforementioned ones — demonstrated by the 3D graphics engineers 


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Forum Socjologiczne

9, 2018

Pages from 45 to 57

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