Niezrównoważona konsumpcja i sposoby jej równoważenia

  1. Anna Kurzak-Mabrouk ORCiD: 0000-0003-1905-7325



Unsustainable consumption and the ways to balance it 


As is clear from the title of the article, its subject is the concept of unsustainable consumption and ways to balance it. This phenomenon is negative and is counterbalanced by sustainable consumption, which means a use of goods, as well as services in a way that will enable the assumed goals of a new development paradigm — “sustainable development”, which has the features of balancing, sustainability (durability) and self-sustainability. The study was based on literature research in the field of Polish and foreign literature, which describes the phenomenon of balanced and unsustain­able consumption. The immediate goal of the article, resulting from the above study, is to show the contradiction between the phenomenon of sustainable consumption and consumerism, and to identify the factors through which the emerging negative phenomenon can be balanced, which ultimately contributes to the quality of society in a clean environment. 


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Forum Socjologiczne

9, 2018

Pages from 33 to 44

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